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Harold Warp's
Pioneer Village
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These cards form part of my personal collection. I am currently researching cards produced for the Pioneer Village. Most of my cards are produced by Dexter Press, they have been denoted with DP and the number. Other producers have the full name and the card number. I have also  noted several variations in prints, colours and producer logos of the same cards
I have this card with the writing on the rear in blue and black
Front Entrance DP 17004-B, I have 3 different of this card, different back colours and producer logos
On the Village Green DP 13225-B
Fire House, U.P. Windmill, Depot and 1889 Locomotive DP 42250-B
U.P. Windmill & Water Tower Depot and 1889 Locomotive 9C-K2087
1889 Baldwin Locomotive DP 4012-B i have two different cards each has a different write up and producer logo 
1889 Baldwin Locomotive MCG 401526
Original Pony Express Station DP 13228-B I have this with 3 differnet logos all in blue on the rear
The Elm Creek Indian Fort Built in 1869 DP 20371-B
The Elm Creek Indian Fort with Stockade around it 9C-K2088
Sod House DP 4013-B i have two different producer logos of this card in blue
Aerial View of the Harold Warp Pioneer Village DP 4005-B two different producer logos in blue
Pioneer Village Gene McConnell P6063
Bicycles & Motorcycles Dp 55472-B
Merry-Go-Round 9c-K2091
Early Woodburning Porter Locomotive DP 55468-B 
Old General Store Shelves bulging with Bygone items MCG
Old General Store Shelves bulgining with bygone items 9C-K2086 
China House DP 38414-C
The Kitchen of 1910 DP 42379-B
Toys of Grandmothers Day Gene McConnell P6070
The Dress Shop MCG 381512
The Loom Shop DP 55458-B
The Loom Shop DP 42380-B
1890 Kitchen i have 2 cards with different publisher logos in blue
Barber Shop of Bygone Days DP25745-B and an MCG M002 2 identical pictures different publishers
Print Shop DP 42385-B
The Barber Shop of 1890 Gene McConell P6069
The Old Lutheran Church DP 37269-B I have this with blue and black reverses 
The Old Lutheran Church DP 17002-B
One Room Country School DP 42247-B
The Kitchen of 1910 DP 25743-B
One of the Five Period Kitchens Gene McConnell P6076
The Gypsy Wagon 1860 DP 55475-B i have this in blue and black rears
Office of Pioneer Minden Doctor DP 42377-B
The kitchen of 1910 Gene McConnell P6068
Interior view of Elm Creek Indian Fort Kitchen DP 25742-B two different producer logos in blue
Sicilian Cart DP 55473-B
Sicilian Cart DP 38416-C
1850 Chicago - Detroit Stage Coach DP 55463-B 
Omnibus of 1850 DP 55476-B
Genuine Original Conestoga Wagon DP 55459-B. I have 2 of these with a blue and black reverse
Beautifully Decorated Sleigh DP 55479-B
An 1870s Pedlers Wagon DP 55477-B
Horse Drawn Hearse (1890) DP 55460-B
The Gypsy Wagon (1860) DP 55475-B
Fire House 8CK2123
First Prize Antique Autos DP 55478-D
Evolution of Transport DP 17001-B I have both blue and black reverse sides of this card
1910 Stanley Steamer DP 20259-C
Autos by the dozen DP 55469-B
1907 Regal DP 20258-C
1906 Model "K" Ford DP 20257-C
Antique Heavy Machinery 8CK2121 and 2 different DP 42249-B
The Steam Pumper 1880 DP 20370-B
1880 Chicago Fire Engine No. 17 DP 42376-B
Russell Steam Traction Engine DP 38413-C
The Steam Pumper 1880 DP 20370-B
Collection of Antique Tractors Dp 13229-B 2 with different producer logos
Early Electric Generators
The 1880 Steam Pumper with 1909 Power Drive Atached
The Rumley Oil Pull
Telephones and Switchboards
1903 Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk Replica DP 57228-C
1910 Curtis Biplane DP 57232-C
1910 Hartman Monoplane Iowa's First Flying Machine DP 57231-C
 If you know of any other of these cards for sale or you can help with any information please contact me
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