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 West Germany

 PayPal Prefered
cover postage is Au$3.00 world wide regardless of the number of covers required
please email for availability and payment details including the number or title of covers
enlarged photos are available by request
Ebay Top-Rated Powerseller
A nice cover posted from Koblenz 1 Germany to Moonta Australia 1990
Cinderella on the rear, well opened
WGC1 Au$2.50
Reverse of cover above

  Very nice pictorial cancellations Frankfurt Ammain 1 to Moonta Australia 1989
Note the counter stamp at the top
    WGC2 Au$3.75
Registered cover Neu-Bayreuth 1 to Moonta South Australia with a sheetlet and other stamps 1991
Back stamped Adelaide South Australia and Moonta South Australia
Nicely opened
WGC3 Au$5.40
   Miniatue Sheet, Counter Stamps and more on a registered cover from Bayreuth 1 to Moonta Australia 1991
   No backstamps on a well opened large letter
 WGC4 Au$7.90
Huge value on this large cover with the set of 4 Historic Airmail stamps and others. Good CV
Registered Bayreuth 1 to Moonta South Australia 1991
Well opened
WGC5 Au$12.90
An A4 size envelope folded down for postage. It has a great display of stamps
    Registered Kempten Allgua 4 to Moonta Australia 1986
    Backstamped Registration IMC Melbourne 3000 and a smodged Moonta South Australia
   Tape marks are present on the cover
   WGC6  Au$5.00
Registered Cover from Sandstedt 1 to Moonta South Australia. 1988
Very nicely opened
Backstamped Registration Section International M/C Melbourne Vic 3000 and Adelaide South Australia
WGC7 Au$6.20
Reverse of cover above
Setenant block of 4 Dragonflys and the 4 stamps individually on a registered cover posted in Neu-Bayreuth 1 to Moonta South Australia 25-7-1991
    A well opened cover
    Backstamped Moonta SA and Adelaide SA
    WGC8 Au$18.50
Reverse of cover above
Very nice pictorial cancellations on a cover posted airmail from Hameln 1 to Moonta South Australia 7-4-1991. Well Opened
WGC9 Au$4.20
Registed cover from Bad Berneck i Fichtelgebire to Moonta South Australia. Very nice high value counter stamp and Pictorial Cancellations tying everthing together. 25-3-1992
  Well opened full envelope
  WGC10 Au$8.20
Pictorial cancellations from Nornberg International to Moonta Australia 12-2-1992. A well opened full envelope
WGC11 Au$4.00
Sport Promotion Fund set of 4 with a high CV. Postally used from Nestoverledingen 1 to Moonta South Australia. Posted 24-2-1992
    WGC12 Au$19.50
Nice Pictorial Cancellations on a cover from Hildesheim 1 to Moonta South Australia. Well opened. Posted 16-12-1991
WGC13 Au$6.50
Counter Stamp cancelled with a pictorial cancellation Berlin 42 to Bayreuth Germany 15-8-1987.
    WGC14 Au$3.95
Miniatue Sheet and more sent airmail from Mainz 14 to Moonta South Australia Airmail. A nice Cinderella ties all together on the rear of the cover.
WGC15 Au$7.25
Reverse of cover above
A souvenir cover Phila - Bonn - 2000 with matching cancellation posted to Moonta Australia 27-5-1989. An unopened cover.
    WGC16 Au$3.95
A postally used numbered limited Edition Embossed First Day Cover. Posted Magdeburg 1 to Germany
WGC17 Au$11.00
A cover cancelled to order Berlin 19 water pictorial cancellation
   WGC18 Au$2.50
1991 set of 4 Sea Birds with value tabs posted Airmail from Wesoverledgen to Moonta Australia
well opened and posted on the First Day of Issue
WGC19 Au$15.80
1994 Souvenir Cover Vor 75 Jahren with a counter stamp and stamp commemorative stamp tied together with a pictorial cancellation
    Weimar 1 11-2-1994
    WGC20 Au$3.95
Johannes Kepler Souvenir Cover with Pictorial Cancellations Weilder Stadt 27-12-1971
WGC21 Au$5.10
1988 Sport Promotion Fund set of 3 on cover with pictorial cancellations and value tabs
     Unaddressed but still a nice cover
     WGC22 Au$11.00


 Registration Slips
nice little slips of paper showing mail registration details, i dont know much about these so if you are at interested let me know.
Registered label R228 purchased on 21-3-91 at 8580 Bayreuth 1
Registed label R229 purchased 21-3-91 at 8580 Bayreuth 1
Registered label R728 purchased 30-3-91 at Bayreuth 1

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